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Waiting on the Fed

Updated: Aug 31

Happy Market Update!

Sorry for the late notice, but due to a trading seminar, I will not be able complete this week’s newsletter. We will be back next week.

But quickly: We have the Fed Meeting next week. All eyes are on whether they pause or not. Here’s a quick chart. This implies that ¾ of traders think there will be a pause next week with interest rates.

Ah hell, here’s another chart! As of this morning, the S&P futures crossed an increase of 20% from the lows of October 2022. By definition, the S&P enters into a bull market! We shall see if this maintains, or is a trap before continuing into the bear market. More on that later. For now, celebrate the weekend with a glass of your favorite wine!

Until next week!

Tim Lindsey

President/Sr. Loan Officer

Bear Mortgage Inc.

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