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We Need Someone To Go To Bat For Us

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Happy Market Update!

So much going on in the world. But again, people, we are sticking to making fun of me, talking about my kid’s adventures, or finances. Yes, yes, yes. We will make fun of as many DC would-be leaders as possible. It wouldn’t be a Tim Lindsey newsletter without it. And I love you. I would never take that away from you.

So let’s dig in. First up, Football. Yes, again, because there is no greater sport than football. Unless, of course, my son decides to pursue swimming, baseball, or hockey. But I like his teeth, so probably not hockey. And no, I am not 100% sure golf is a sport. Stop, wait. I know I almost lost a bunch of you. But I am not a patient person who can run around in the sun, burning and sweating for 5 hours hitting balls everywhere but where they belong. Change my mind.

Anyway, we had a double header. We tied the first one, although we were driving at the end. But I swear, someone moved the outbounds in. Ugh! Should have won that one. And the second? Well... you see, I am not a father-coach who says give my kid the ball. We just aren’t there yet. Sort of. They are 4-6 year old's. We rotate. Remember, winning isn’t everything. (cough) It was his turn, and he proclaimed “I’m not running”, and stomped his feet.

Oh hell no! I looked at the other coach and said, “Matt, Jackson’s going to run.” He smiled, and said. “Love it!” See, I’m the kind of parent who is NOT going to let a 4-year-old control my life. I’m stopping that now. So tough toenails, kiddo. I walked him back, and said, you are doing it and you are going to get in that end zone or we don’t win. Well, he did not like that. So the ball was snapped, slowly walked back to Jackson from the QB(it can be excruciating watching), and he ran to the right. Yeah…right into 2 cornerbacks. Ugh! But they didn’t grab his flag in time, and he turned left! Oh, yeah! He was coming back around and the other 3 defenders were meeting him. I thought well, sh*t. But then I saw the most amazing 4-year-old move I’ve ever seen. He looked back to his right and must have seen the hole. He turned and ran between the 5 defenders into the end zone as time expired. Yes! I sure hope that was not his 15 mins of fame.

You see, in the end, we sometimes have to do what we don’t want to do for the good of the team. This is a lesson our peeps in DC need to learn. Hey, DC jerks! You are working on our team…supposedly. This debt ceiling is getting dragged on and on and on. I’m not saying raise it, and I’m not saying default. I’m saying stop over spending money you don’t have to get elected just to do this again. Insanity! But here we are…still watching these idiots playing chicken in real time. But regardless of who dodges, we suffer.

If you don’t know this movie, we cannot be friends.

Well, I’m here to help. This is my official announcement as a candidate for the United States Presidency. Not! I would but I’ve got some other stuff going on right now. There’s also all the bodies I helped the Clinton’s bury. Just kidding. I wouldn’t help them. Others? Yes…like those friends who know that movie.

One more complaint about money…I am hearing that self-checkout machines are now asking for a tip. WTH? So I get my own groceries, and I check myself out. (Can’t bag anymore because bags in CO cause climate change in CA.) I’m too young for anyone to help me take my items to my car or to load them into the car. Computer tip? And tip for what? Does anyone really understand the reason for the tip? Above and beyond…

Okay, a bit more about money…or lack thereof. We are seeing luxury items dip. No? How about RVs? I think that is a luxury item. From April 2021 when there were record sales in RVs, to now…prices are being slashed! Look at this price chart. This is the mid-price for total RV shipments from 2007-now, thanks to ZeroHedge. Anyone know if classic cars or artwork is turning too? Those are all leading indicators.

Even Janet Yellen (that’s our Treasury Secretary) is scared. Yahoo Finance reported yesterday that “On May 23, the Washington Post cited anonymous sources to report that the Treasury has started asking other federal agencies if it can delay payments to them.” Source:

So we are already deciding who gets paid and who doesn’t. Excellent. That’s what happens when you spend decades with no approved budget and apparently a “black card” for credit. Was it Al Davis who said, “Just spend, baby spend.” (note: he said “win” but this is awesome in my humble opinion)

Check this out. From summer of 2021 to now, we are more elevated in households with budgeting issues. Yes, down from the end of last year, but I bet this trend is reversing with the interest rates still rising and household debt skyrocketing.

10yr: I’ve updated this chart to show you the sideways move since November. Yes, it’s a wide one. But it proves that the markets are unsure of what direction we are heading. This debt ceiling issue isn’t helping. We’ve tried to move down so many times, just to be denied. I don’t see a hole forming between these defenders yet. We are locking our loans.

MBS: This chart is no good. Remember that down here means higher rates. I’ve given enough scarier info…so I’ll move on.

We all need someone to go to bat for us…a winner who wants the ball. That’s what my son learned (hopefully) Saturday. When will we get someone who will be able to step up to DC and honestly just start changing things. Can you imagine a Senator who gets everyone else to stop insider trading? Me neither. We might need an overhaul of the whole thing. But I will say this…there’s a reason Amendment 1 and Amendment 2 was listed in that order. I can speak my mind…and defend it when you come at me. I’m planning to get louder. You should too.

Tim Lindsey

Originating Branch Manager

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